About Yarrow Creative

Shelby Little | Yarrow Creative Founder

Shelby Little Yarrow Creative Founder

Shelby’s professional career spans 20 years and includes various marketing, writing, leadership, and communications roles. She’s worked across industries, from publishing to international soccer, non-profit to telecommunications, food and beverage to sustainable agriculture.

At Yarrow, Shelby runs the day-to-day business (yay, women owned business!) and she also functions as creative director and marketing strategist. You'll also catch her behind the camera, crafting posts, and writing copy.

Check out Shelby's often humorous blog for makers, mothers and nature lovers at TheShelbyLittle.com.


Tove Danovich | Storyteller & Copywriter

Tove Danovich Copywriter

Tove Danovich is a brand storyteller and copywriter who has over a decade of experience as a freelance writer for publications ranging from Country Living to The Atlantic. Her first book, Under the Henfluence, came out in 2023 and celebrates the world of chickens. She loves writing about animals and the environment and enjoys getting outside and roaming around the Pacific Northwest. 



Lily Crisp | SEO Copywriter and Social Media Wiz

 Lily Crisp SEO Copywriter in Bend Oregon

Lily Crisp is Yarrow Creative's exceptional SEO Copywriter and Social Media Wiz. She came recommended to us by her professors at OSU Cascades—where she pitched in on OSU's Social Media accounts— and EDCO. Lily regularly produces newsletter content, search engine optimized landing pages and blog articles, and social media posts for clients. We love working with Lily because she has the writing chops, she is a quick learner, and she gets our brand of dry humor.


Ben Salmon | Copywriter Extraordinaire 

Ben Salmon Journalist Copywriter

Ben Salmon is our go-to guy, one we call for clever wordsmithery, compelling stories, creative writing and crisp marketing copy. His 25-year career includes stints as a small-town journalist, a daily newspaper reporter, a professional music critic, a corporate copywriter and a communicator for a nonprofit organization. When he's not writing, Ben enjoys playing guitar and watching student-athletes at the University of Kentucky play basketball on his TV.

Our Company Name and Culture

Yarrow Creative SEO Agency Flower Ico

When Shelby was considering starting a marketing agency in Bend, she was on maternity leave, rocking her newborn baby on her front porch. And lining the path from her porch to the street was golden yarrow.

An ancient wildflower renowned for its medicinal properties, as well as its positive energy, Yarrow is resilient and will thrive in most any condition.

Shelby thought that perhaps incorporating yarrow on her professional path could bring positive change and wellbeing to all those who interact with Yarrow Creative.