There's B2B and B2C but Are You Familiar with Me-to-Me (M2M) Marketing?

There's B2B and B2C but Are You Familiar with Me-to-Me (M2M) Marketing?

Launching New Website and Blog,

When our founder, Shelby Little, launched a blog to showcase her creative writing and interests, she did so with a mini marketing campaign. She introduced to the world—or at least her friends and followers—as a public writing practice, and since she was the only one reading the posts at the time of the launch, she billed the project as Me-to-Me Marketing. A little deprecating humor can go a long way!  She received email newsletters sign-ups, more than she bargained for, and numerous impressions on social, and visits to Shelby's blog.

Watch: Website Launch Announcement Video

The launch announcement was posted across social media, YouTube and the blog announcement post.

Overcoming a Domain Name Branding Challenge

And before you conclude Shelby is an ego maniac and would prefer to be called "The Shelby Little," let's discuss. Believe it or not, there is another Shelby Little in the world, she's actually in the American South, and she has ownership of So, our founder embraced the branding obstacle and got a few chuckles with how this decision was positioned in the campaign launch video. 

SEO for a New Website

For anyone who geeks out over SEO, like us, here's a stat for you. When the blog launched, the search term  "Shelby Little" did not yield any information on our founder on page one of the search results. You had to scroll through several pages and 39.9 results before the blog was listed.  As of today, is on page one, in the seventh search result position,  for the term "Shelby Little." Watch out!


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