Guerrilla Marketing with Bend Relo

Guerrilla Marketing with Bend Relo

We Love a Guerrilla Marketing Challenge

Now that summertime is here, I'm reflecting on last summer, when our team helped Bend Relo carry out a refreshing client appreciation campaign.

As you can imagine, relationships reign supreme in the real estate industry, so our mission was to come up with a guerrilla marketing tactic that would say "We appreciate you" and "Enjoy your summer" without excessive costs. Our solution? Watermelon deliveries to clients.

Guerrilla Marketing with Watermelon? Yes, Please

Gorilla Marketing with watermelon

Though there were multiple tactics, coordination efforts, an intricate delivery plan, and dozens of people involved (agents, family, and our teammates), the idea went off without a hitch. We even saw some echos of it in the marketplace later that summer, which is always a nice pat on the back.


Client appreciation email (a small portion)

Client appreciation campaign email

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