Bend, Oregon | Event Social Media & Nonprofit Appeal Video | Ripples 2023

Bend, Oregon | Event Social Media & Nonprofit Appeal Video | Ripples 2023

We had a blast documenting the Ripples Gala on social media for the second year in a row! A fundraiser for Deschutes Children's Foundation and hosted by Riverhouse on the Deschutes in Bend, Oregon, the mood was upbeat and festive, with guests in gowns and suits. A local musician played guitar and sang beautifully during the silent auction and opening of the event. There was a dessert table with a drool-worthy spread. The art was magnetic and many joyous moments in the crowd.


Nonprofit Appeal Video for Fundraiser Event

 Social Media Coverage for Central Oregon Event Gala

Event Social Media Instagram Reel Ripples Gala Bend Oregon


Our team consisted of Lily, Parker and Shelby that night and together, we posted five videos (Reels) to both Facebook and Instagram on behalf of Deschutes Children's Foundation.

We were busy on our feet, taking footage of the wine pours, the balloon giveaways, the auctioneers and more. Then we'd scramble to the back room to edit and post the videos.

Instagram Reel Social Media Event Bend Oregon

We were especially honored when the brand story AKA the appeal video we made for Deschutes Children's Foundation played. The appeal video was several weeks in the making, but made its debut at the Ripples Event. When Stephanie Powell, who was the featured story of the video, took the stage afterwards, she received a much deserved standing ovation for her resilience story. 

Event Social Media Team| Bend Oregon

Event Video & Social Media Feedback

After the event, we received this email from  a Deschutes Children's Foundation Board member:

"Thank you a million times over for creating such a moving and sensitive narrative for DCF. This project required so much respect and care, and created such a massive impact last night. Everyone in that room held their breath the second the video began, and the “pin drop” analogy was absolutely true; people were riveted and so deeply moved by the video. Thank you for your honesty and tenderness, and for setting a tone throughout the process that set our features speaker at ease.

It was a wonderful piece of work, on behalf of a wonderful person, and it generated wonderful results for this organization. I’ve never seen a standing ovation for an appeal speech, and it only happened because you were able to capture our speaker in such an authentic way, with an arc that balanced vulnerability with strength and hope. Amazing work!"

Instagram Reels & Social Media Takeover for Ripples Event

 Social Media Event Bend Oregon Instagram Reels

 Instagram Reels Social Media Event Wine Bend Oregon

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